The Reluctant Expat - Veenesh Dubois

Lee Cassells - Business Executive - Fitness

August 13, 2021 Veenesh Dubois
The Reluctant Expat - Veenesh Dubois
Lee Cassells - Business Executive - Fitness
Show Notes

Lee Cassells always knew that his birthplace, Scotland, wouldn’t be the place he’d call home forever. His passion for fitness, business and helping others has led him all over the world and today he’s kept that passion alive. 

Lee Cassells is an experienced business executive with over twenty years of experience in various industries ranging from Health & Wellness to Technology. Starting off in Scotland and completing a BSc in Sports Coaching & Sports Management, Lee ventured outside of the UK and worked in various countries including Saudi Arabia, USA and then settling in Canada.

His role as a change agent has been positively received by his affiliates, who hold him in high regard for his ability to achieve results.

Lee’s experience, drive and determination to “getting things done” has been the backbone of his success in the complete betterment of the organizations he has been involved with.

Holding positions such as GM, Director, VP and CEO for various multi million dollar brands, Lee is used to being in the “hot seat” and finding solutions to complex problems. Over the years Lee’s entrepreneurial spirit has also seen him open and partner with numerous businesses and continues to participate in this field today.

As a keynote speaker in the field of sales and systems around business development, Lee has presented to sell out audiences, podcasts and webinars for various business network events and non-profit organizations with a view of spreading his knowledge, expertise and passion. This experience also gave Lee the opportunity to Co-Author an Amazon Best Seller, “How To Sell In Any Economy” and continues to share information to help others succeed through various other platforms.

Current position :

- CoFounder - FSQ Consulting - "Because we dont believe in status quo"

- Business model - Business Consulting Firm that specializes in the growth of SMEs and Sports Organizations across North America. 

- My key focus within FSQ is the Sales & Scaling expert to showcase the pathway towards increasing revenue and overall profit

- CoFounder of the OneDayChallenge - One day challenge create to showcase what individuals or companies can do in just one day with outbound prospecting. The challenge includes education sessions leading up to the big day to maximize efforts and also after the event to ensure every opportunity is converted in a timely manner.  First inaugural event sold out in less than 24hrs with over 35 participants and the next event is planned for Sept 2021 with a target of 1,000 participants with people already signing up. 

If you are looking for Lee outside of work, he is with his family or friends on Vancouver Island, Canada, taking full advantage of what Island life has to offer. This includes paddle boarding in the calm lakes in the summer, to surfing in the powerful coastal waters in the winter. Life is GOOD!